12 May

Buddy Up!


Ever thought of getting your friends together and starting a sharing session? Well, this is entirely possible here at VisionsOne Success Campus’ Seminar Room. Just last month, we have received repeat bookings from renters who conducted Joint Preview Seminars. This is worth sharing because we thought that it was very smart of them in a few different aspects:

  1. Sharing is Caring
    Think about it, more friends equals wider network! This is definitely a plus because the main thing about a Preview Seminar is to get as many people in the room as possible and everyone needs an audience. So what better way than to join forces and share the network. Heres the best part- the cost of the Seminar Room Rental can be split equally between the few of you too!
  2. Impressions
    When you conduct a Preview Seminar, what you are essentially looking for is to create impressions during the Seminar. The more people you speak to, the more impressions you have created and the greater your reach. Your reach is determined by how many people you and your friends can invite, one thing is for sure- multiple sources of invitations is better than only one source of invitiation.
  3. Bonding
    When you work with your friends to conduct a Joint Preview Seminar, you get an opportunity to understand them better and create a stronger bond with them. Friends that do things together, stay together-this will be an experience like no other!

VisionsOne Success Campus’ Seminar Room will always be ready for you with competitive Seminar Room features to ensure that you have the perfect space for you to achieve your goals on the day of your Seminar.  Speak to our friendly support staff today for a quote to conduct a Joint Preview Seminar. Til next time, remember the Buddy Up Joint Preview Seminar option!