5 Jun

Memory Room

sand-289225_1280Much like memory foam is good for your bone structure, how would you like to have a memory room? Does it annoy you when you go out and rent with the same company multiple times in a year and they ask you the exact same questions over and over again? At VisionsOne Success Campus, every renter leaves an impression on us. We are very much filled with gratitude when we have Frequent Renters and we show our gratitude by remembering what they like and don’t like:

1. Forms

I’m sure you deal with forms almost everyday, would you want to fill in one more form if you absolutely didn’t have to? At VisionsOne Success Campus, we fill out the booking forms for you (unless you choose to do it yourself) and all you have to do is to verify that everything is in good order, leave us your autograph, and show up for your big event day! If certain seminar room settings and arrangements needs to change for the next event, just holler at us and we’ll make those changes accordingly.


2. Your Partner in Being Different

Yes, we have standard seminar room configurations, however, we understand that you might want to do something different. Let us know how you’d like your seminar room to be configured differently and should the physical limits of the room permit-we’ll be sure to not only make it happen but also remember it. Our Frequent Renters simply say “keep it the same” and we immediately know what they mean and what they expect. Try it for yourself on your second booking with us.



The next time you are about to embark on a seminar room rental journey, you might want to think long term about amount of time and energy you could potentially save when you rent with VisionsOne Success Campus.