3 Jun

Namasté VisionsOne Success Campus Welcomes You…


Some people rid off stress by gathering with close friends for a drink, or simply to jam out while others prefer to gather for more Zen type activities like meditation. Though meditation can occur almost anywhere, one way to eliminate the fluctuations of the weather forecast is to meditate indoors. You’ll be surprised why you might find some Zen at VisionsOne Success Campus for your next meditation get together:

1. Dress as you please, let loose

Experts advice meditators to dress in comfortable clothing. While we are located in an office building, there is no dress code to enter our premises. Once you get to our Success Campus, you are more than welcome to walk around bare footed. No worries about whether the ground is clean or not because we conduct area cleaning services every day. So you may visit our Success Campus dressed in anything other than your birthday suit!

2. Location

Our unit is located away from the hustle and bustle of the main street this means that there will be a level of noise control. We are very lucky to have the best of both worlds because even though our unit is located away from the main street, our building is still easily accessible by numerous buses and train stations just a short walk away.

3. Stay Organic

Want to take the weather forecast out of the equation but still wish you could have nature? We are your organic solution-our room is equipped with wall to wall windows this means that you could choose to have the blinds pulled up and let nature accompany you through your meditation session. This way, you won’t miss out on nature!

The next time you’re looking for some Zen, remember VisionsOne Success Campus, your partner in meditation. Til next time, Namasté…