20 May

Not in Based in Singapore? No Sweat!

visions1 consultingEver been in a situation where you needed to rent a Seminar room overseas and don’t have the liberty to visit the room before renting? Here are some tips to help you make a wise Seminar Room Booking decision:


  • Location-Think Local
    Always use search engines like Google to view the geographical location of the Seminar Room venue. Look out for icons and symbols on google maps for public transport and parking spaces near the area. This makes the Seminar Room venue accessible to your guests and potentially increases the likelihood that they will show up for your Seminar. Consider conducting some research about the culture of the country and how the locals move around. Do they rely more public transportation or do they rely more on personal private cars? Knowing this piece of information helps to make your final decision on whether the venue is accessible for your Seminar clientele.


  • Photos
    Visit the Seminar venue’s website and look out for photos that they put up. Evaluate your first impression of the Seminar Room based on photos on their website. The next thing you want to do is to rely on social networking sites like Facebook where businesses usually upload photos more regularly than their website. Visit their Facebook Page and scroll through their photo album. You might even get to see photos that their customers posted-those are best because they are unbiased. While you’re at it, check out their testimonials too if any. If all photos show the same quality, chances are, your Seminar Room will look like the photos on the website.



  • Professionalism
    The next thing you want to test for is the professionalism of the people operating the Seminar Room. If you like to do things online, send them an enquiry and see how quickly they respond to you. You could also give them a long distance phone call and listen to what they have to say. If the support staff are responsive and respond well, you can have a peace of mind that your guests will be treated with the same care. This is so important because it would have an impact on your first impression with your guests too.


VisionsOne Success Campus takes the Global factor out of the equation because we ensure that all pictures shown on our website are original unedited photos. We also have a virtual tour that takes you around our Campus to widen your viewing angle. The world is flattened because we accept payment via Paypal and Fund Transfers which makes it simple for our International renters to confirm their booking with us. We are definitely a place for International success to happen! Contact any of our friendly support staff for a quote today!