30 Jun

Tip of the Week: One Common Mistake Presenters make…and lose their audience!


Would you be very engaged when someone whom you are talking to does not maintain eye contact with you, but constantly looks around the room and behind your shoulder? In fact, you might even say the person is being very rude.

What if you are that person giving a presentation to an audience? Do you maintain good eye contact with your audience or do you avoid it? How would your audience feel if you do not have the right level of eye contact with them?
Many presenters do not know how to make good eye contact or even why they need to do that.

The number one reason we make eye contact is to connect with our audience. The person that you made eye contact with feels important and engaged and hence more likely to pay attention to you. It shows that you care about them. It demonstrates your sincerity and also your confidence. After all, it takes courage to look someone in the eye.


Selecting a bright seminar room would raise the overall energy of the audience and foster great engagement. You will be able to see everyone clearly and have superb eye contact. If the room is dull and dim, chance are people might likely doze off. On the other hand, a bright seminar room improves concentration. If you are looking for a convenient, conducive and customisable seminar room for rental in Singapore, be sure to contact us and we will offer you the best quote and our friendly service!