28 Jul

Tip of the Week: What Top Presenters Do That Others Don’t



Top presenters are no different from top athletes and actors in a way—they all appear effortless and smooth in their performance.But make no mistake. This does not happen by accident nor are they “born that way”. Behind each superb performance on every stage, track or theatre, there’s one thing in common.Every top performer rehearses many, many times.To present well, you will need to rehearse your presentation.

Through my speech coaching, I have come across many presenters who thought that by completing their presentation slides, their job is done.In fact, this is only the beginning. For your presentation to appear smooth, you will need to internalise the contents. This would mean that by simply glancing at a slide, you know the main points to deliver, the stories to tell and even the questions it might raise which you would have an answer for. This is the state of preparedness that will make you an outstanding presenter.

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The next time you’re looking for a conducive seminar room to practice, do give us a call and we’ll always be there to support you!